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Astra, IA-1125
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Astra, IA-1125

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Aircraft Category: Class 3


Israel Aircraft Industries entered the business aircraft market in 1968 with IAI's purchase of the rights to the Jet Commander line from Rockwell Corp. IAI initiated its production of these airplanes as the Model 1121 Commodore. Refinement of the design continued through the stretched Model 1123 and the Garrett-engined Model 1124 Westwinds. At the 1980 NBAA convention IAI announced the development of the Astra, an essentially "clean sheet" design of a mid-size transcontinental range executive aircraft. The Astra utilizes a moderately swept low wing with a fairly high aspect ratio optimized for higher speeds than the Westwind had been capable of. Its characteristic rectangular fuselage cross-section allows ample interior space while minimizing frontal area. The Astra accomplished its maiden flight in March 1984 and received FAA certification in August 1985. In June 1990 IAI began making deliveries of the slightly improved Astra SP, which was in turn replaced by the Astra SPX in 1996. Gulfsream Aerospace redesignated the Astra SPX the G100 beginning with SN 137 in 2001.


The IAI 1125 Astra is powered by a pair of Garrett TFE 731-3A-200G turbofans rated at 3,700 lbs. thrust each.


Standard equipment for the Astra includes the Collins EFIS-85 electronic flight instrument system, dual FCS-80 flight directors, APS-80 autopilot, and FMS-90 flight management system, in addition to Collins digital nav/comm/ident radios.

Design Features

The IAI Astra is a mid-size, long range, twin turbofan powered business aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing monoplane with a cruciform tail section. The moderately swept wing has a relatively high aspect ratio. Airframe is of conventional aluminum monocoque construction. The distinctive rectangular fuselage cross-section keeps frontal area minimized while still affording a reasonably roomy cabin. A large airstair door is on the port side just aft of the flight deck. The aircraft stands high on its tricycle landing gear, which has dual wheels on each unit.


The Astra is normally configured for six passengers in a club-and-a-half arrangement, although the aircraft is certificated for up to nine passengers in addition to the two pilots. A full-width lavatory occupies the aft cabin, and a galley is located forward. The distinctive "squared-oval" cross-section of the fuselage results in a cabin height of 5.6 ft., cabin width of 4.9 ft., and cabin length of 17.2 ft.
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