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Challenger 604, CL-600-2B16
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Challenger 604, CL-600-2B16

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Aircraft Category: Class 5


When the first Challenger 601 was certificated in March 1983, the most notable improvement was the replacement of the 600's troublesome Lycoming ALF 502 engines with the more reliable GE CF34-series engines. This made up for most of the 600's shortcomings, but other improvements such as drag-reducing winglets and increased fuel capacity have combined to give the 601 the transoceanic range originally envisioned for the Challenger series. The CL-601-3A, with the newer -3A variant of the GE CF34 turbofans, made its first flight in September 1986. The 601-3R, which uses the -3A1 variant of the GE CF34, replaced the 601-3A in 1993. It had as standard equipment some features that were optional on the 601-3A, including the tailcone fuel tank. The Challenger 604 made its public debut at the Paris Air Show in June 1993 and received FAA certification in November 1995. Able to carry eight passengers 3,850 miles at 0.74 Mach, the 604 secures the Challenger's position in the long-distance business jet market. The first deliveries took place in the second quarter of 1996 and continue through 2006 with 347 produced to date.


The Challenger 604 is powered by two General Electric CF34-3B turbofans flat rated at 8,729 lbs. of thrust each at ISA +8 C. Inspection interval on the engines is "on occasion".


The Challenger 604 features the Collins Pro Line 4 glass cockpit used in Canadair's RJ, with six 7.25-inch screens for left- and right-side primary flight displays, multifunction displays, and EICAS. The avionics package includes dual Collins flight director/autopilot systems, dual digital air data computers, HF-9000 high frequency radios, a Collins TWR-850 all-solid-state turbulence detection radar, and dual Pro Line 400 all-digital interface comm/nav/ident radios.

Design Features

The Challenger 604 is a twin-turbofan, high capacity, long-range business jet configured as a cantilever low swept-wing monoplane with a swept T-tail. The landing gear is retractable tricycle, with dual wheels on each unit and trailing link main gear legs. A large airstair door is located on the port side, forward of the wing. The 604 has a standard fuel capacity of 2,460 US gallons, allowing 4,000+ nm range. The two newly located aft saddle rubber bladder tanks and the enlarged tailcone tank provide better distribution of the fuel weight than in previous Challenger models.


The Challenger 604 can accommodate up to 19 passengers, but is typically configured for 10-12 passengers in a combination of club, divan and individual seating. A large galley is located forward, while a full-size lavatory occupies the aft cabin. The large fuselage cross-section provides a full stand-up height of 6.1 ft., and cabin width of 8.2 ft. Length from the divider aft of the galley to the lavatory wall is 16.3 ft. Typically the Challenger 604 is completed with amenities appropriate for intercontinental leg lengths, in a cabin noted for its spaciousness and low noise levels. The internal baggage area offers 115 cubic feet of storage space and the total cabin volume is 1,035 cubic feet.
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